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"As an artist, I have been privileged by being able to impersonate Michael Jackson. It is a blessing to meet so many lovely people arround the world, who all share their collective love for their idol.

My trajectory started very small and dreamy in my living room by doing immense efforts to learn the Moonwalk. After that, step by step, my passion became bigger and I got alot of different opportunities.


Let me tell you my story:"


I started impersonating Michael Jackson when he died in 2009.

From that moment on I have been copying all MJ's moves by watching live shows, videoclips, performances... 
I tried to perfect and refine every move as good as possible. Because that was Michael jackson; a perfectionist and a visionary.

I had the blessing to participate in several workshops and work together with Lavelle Smith Jr. He is the choreographer and dancer of Michael Jackson himself. Blessed with opportunity, we even became very close friends. 

Though I find it is unfortunate that I did not get the chance to meet Michael Jackson himself, my contact with LaVelle Smith Jr. is the closest I could ever come to Michael Jackson. 

I have been nothing but innovative since I started impersonating Michael Jackson. Toghether with DVR Entertainment and partners, we direct and host different theatre productions and various live events.

"Take a look, come closer and enjoy as the magic of the Tribute Shows bring you bit closer to The King of Pop."


Info and bookings:

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